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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


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    the TJ Lynch TEAM

    • TJ Lynch & Family - Life in Paradise
      Learn more about TJ his beautiful family. Consistently in the TOP 25 Realtors in the Caribbean, TJ is the best person you could hook up with to buy or sell on Roatan.
    • Rob Seaman
      On the ground floor of real estate development in Roatan. Rob can provide you with a great understanding of Roatan it's massive growth and more. Whether it's information you need, finding a contact, or putting your deal together...TJ's Assistant and Technical Guru... brings it all together for us!

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    TJ's Roatan Info Sites

    • TourRoatan.com
      Whether it's the latest information on a shark dive, the name of the company that offers dolphin encounters, or you just want to view the galleries of the various towns and areas of Roatan... check out the photos, videos and more on TourRoatan.com!
    • RoatanMag.com
      Dive into the culture, life and entertainment of Roatan. Looking for a great night club in West End? Who are the Garifuna? How is education and schooling on the island? Each issue focuses on important topics about Roatan.
    • RetireRoatan.com
      Roatan is picked as the premier place to retire in the Caribbean. Find out why by reading up on investment tips and strategies, business opportunities, how to retire here and more.
    • PropertyOnRoatan.com
      Real Estate is booming on Roatan. Visit this site to read about new developments, hot properties and island growth. View listings, slideshows and detailed analysis of location and properties on the island. Where is the best place to buy for YOU?
    • LoveRoatan.com
      Team Lynch pages. We love Roatan and you will too, read up on our experiences here and what life is like in this beautiful tropical paradise.
    • LiveRoatan.com
      What's it really like here? What do islanders do on a day to day basis? What food can you buy and cook, where are the best places to eat, play and relax. Read accounts and stories of tourists/occupants of Roatan Bay Island.
    • InvestRoatan.com
      Appreciation of real estate on Roatan has been astounding over the last 5 years. New roads, businesses, developments, properties and more. This site provides a history and track record of what is happening on the island. How fast is West Bay or Caribe Point growing?
    • ExperienceRoatan.com
      Get a front row seat to Roatan! Site features video collected from around the web of everything Roatan and the Bay Islands. Check out real estate, hotels, activities, music, culture and more.
    • DreamRoatan.com
      Dreaming of paradise? This site will help fill in the blurry parts...Fall in love with the natural unspoiled beauty of Roatan, in the Bay Islands of Honduras! All your questions answered here! Such as topography, climate and weather, facilities, travel documents, where to stay, how to get around, history, activities and so much more.

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